To be successful in the fast paced business world requires juggling many responsibilities within tight deadlines. Sometimes the work load can be overwhelming, so you need to find professionals you trust to help achieve your goals.

Your printed pieces are important because they send specific messages about your organization. Our professional staff can guide you through the sometimes confusing procedure of developing your printed projects.

For all the ways the printing business has changed, one thing is still the same: Our primary function is still to learn everything we can about your unique communications needs – ink-on-paper and electronic – and how we can best satisfy those needs, given our unique resources, capabilities, and goals.

At Advance Printing we focus on understanding your printing needs, but recognize that printing is just one part of the communications mix. We look for ways to keep your costs down, while delivering services such as design, typesetting, printing, material fulfillment, and art and data management. We also offer training and consulting services for your in-house designers.

Custom Art & Design

We know that you need distinctive, visually compelling pieces that make your message stand out among all the other communications your clients will receive. When you are beginning to plan a new promotional piece, get us involved, to maximize its potential.

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Offset Printing

From single to full color and special varnish options, we offer quality offset printing and on time delivery on all types of projects. We can use a variety of paper sizes and stocks (including card stock, clear plastic, vinyl and tyvek) and various sizes of envelopes.

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Digital Printing

Digital printing can be the best solution for short runs of flyers, newsletters, posters, business cards, personalized letters and much more! And, it allows us to be very competitive on smaller quantity runs, as well as quick turn around times.

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Bindery Service

We have a full bindery in-house to put the finishing touch on your project. Cutting, folding, perforations, die cutting, scoring, saddlestitching, padding, drilling, gluing, numbering, and cutting are all done right here saving time and costs.

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What you see may NOT be what you get. On screen a 72 dpi image looks great, for printing, well, not so much. We need high resolution photos (300 dpi). When in doubt, send us the largest image possible.

The best way to prepare files for printing is by converting them into a press ready, high resolution pdf. We prefer this over the native program files as a pdf will include all your fonts and images - in place.

You have options! Files can generally be emailed. For files too large to email (over 5mb), we offer an upload option. Contact us for access.

First, consider the quantity. Smaller quantities are best suited for Digital Printing, directly due to the cost savings. If you want metallic inks, special finishes or larger quantities, then offset printing is the way to go.
Digital printing is very cost effective on shorter runs or ones where you have several originals with smaller quantities. It's also a great option when a fast deadline needs to be met. While colors and images are always bright and crisp, some Pantone colors do not reproduce exactly as expected due to the digital conversion process.
If you require larger quantities, have large, solid areas of ink coverage, extra heavy stock, or special ink/color requirements, Offset Printing is the way to go.

About Advance Printing, Inc.

We focus on understanding your printing needs and look for ways to keep your costs down, while delivering quality services. We also offer training and consulting services for your in-house designers.

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